What We’ve Learned So Far

As I’ve been rebuilding this site. In case you hadn’t noticed. I have.

Cause of the hack.

And this is what I’ve learned so far…

Backups Aren’t Necessary UNTIL THEY ARE

If I had been maintaining regular backups (which the hosting company is totally happy to do for just a few euros more per month), it would’ve taken a few short hours (minutes? let’s hope I never find out.) to rebuild. Instead it’s been days. And it’s going to take at least another week to smooth out all the wrinkles.

So now I use Vaultpress, a WordPress plugin that interfaces with Jetpack, for daily backups.

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I’m Obviously Stressed About Something

But I don’t know what it is.

Helpful, aren’t I?

Whenever I’m feeling stressed or anxious or depressed, there are signs. Lately I’ve been sitting on my ass doing NOTHING except watching television and / or eating. At night I chew my tongue so hard that the pain wakes me up. I also have nightmares.

And it’s IMPOSSIBLE to focus.

Now, some of this is understandable.

The site was just hacked. I’m rebuilding it with help (thanks, J!) and it’s coming back together well. I’m even thinking of switching to self hosting cause it looks entirely manageable.

I have six month old twins. In case you forgot. Cause I didn’t forget. Plus the toddler. All three are awesomeness, of course, but DAYUM, das a lot of minions.

But some of it is not as obvious because I haven’t really mentioned it before…


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Finally Some Good News

Something’s whack with the last version of the database on godaddy. All the site is wiped. I haven’t managed a shower yet. My teeth are wearing a sweater.

And I might feel some regret over posting that picture of me with hairy armpits online.


Music is BLASTING. Shoutout to Apple “For You” for posting a “Feeling Good” playlist to help me self soothe.

“Shake off your troubles with these uptempo pop classics.”

Don’t mind if I do, Apple.


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I Can Do This

Today I’m rebuilding groningenrain.nl for the second time. It was hacked. There were pharmaceutical ads all over the site. Sometimes replacing the entire site from the index out; sometimes only specific posts. Sometimes entire tags were replaced.

It was ugly.

I called godaddy, my hosting provider, and they said the damage was extensive and to fix it, they’d need to sell me a consultant. Who would remove all the hacked bits, no guarantee that things could be restored because I didn’t have back up, and then there would be a daily malware scan and backup for as long as I paid for the service.


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