Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel.

typingsome things happened after i wrote [trigger warning] “I woke up in the tub”.

one, the hits / visitors / stats went through the roof. higher than i’ve ever seen, one day there were over five hundred hits. when the average before was around ten.


two, people sent their support in the form of email, calls, private messages, comments, and such. it was overwhelming and beautiful and amazing and i wanted it to never end.


but also, i felt an incredible pressure to leap forward and write the rest of the story. and simultaneously, what if the rest of the story isn’t as engaging? or what if i say something that turns people against me? or what if i can’t find the words?

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[trigger warning] Happy Birthday To Me?

superbetterOr “Step One – Self Care”

I recently announced that I’m going to come out of the PTSD closet this Wednesday at Toastmasters Groningen for the capstone project of Toastmasters Competent Communication track.

If you’re in the Groningen area 18 May 2016 around 19:15, we’re meeting at the Launch Cafe. Come on by.

At PyCon Sweden I saw @aspleenic give a lightning talk about MH Prompt:

Prompt is simply a means of encouraging a conversation about mental health at tech conferences and meetups.


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Twinings English Breakfast Tea with Plenty of Almond Milk

teaAs I said earlier, I had the absolute pleasure to listen to Lars Sudmann discuss leadership at the Division C Spring Conference 2016 and he deep dove on three tools to be a great leader.

You can read my notes on the aforementioned post, but I’m going to respond / reflect on these in particular:

“#1 VISION forming and spending a lot of time on your vision (a leader is someone who goes the way and shows the way) what does a good vision look like? paint a positive vision of the future. to show the way out. not to sugar coat things. but to show the way out. WHAT are we doing? WHY are we doing this? (HOW? leave this to the team)

Commander’s INTENT (in one sentence figure out what it is that we are doing) “the single most important thing that we must achieve for this task / project is…”

These are my notes, but what do they mean?

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Mocca D’or Lemon Green Tea At Op z’n Kop

teaYes, I know.

“I thought Thirsty Thursday was going the way of all flesh, Rain.”

Yes, you’re right. It was. But then I was writing this morning, letting my fingers do the walking, per se, and realized that it wasn’t the ‘thirsty thursday’ aspect of Thursday that I didn’t like, but the specific post about water that didn’t resonate.


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podcastThere are actually very few women doing podcasts which is one of the strongest reasons why I want to start my own. I have no idea how I’ll host it or what I’ll talk about, but when I see very few people doing something, the urge to go do it is too tempting to resist.

Here are a few AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL women’s podcasts, the first of which I listen to actively while the rest are being added to my list AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS POST.


Stories from people on their coding journey. “We are the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.”

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Getting Started on Podcasts and YouTube

seanIt all starts with writing.

That link is actually a massively beautiful kickass informative commercial. BUT. It’s a BRILLIANT massively beautiful kickass informative commercial. Watch it from the beginning. There’s a lot of amazing information there. And, yes, it’s like the drugs – the first one’s free and then you throw all your money at them.

I’m so there.

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