Let The Freaky Fridays BEGIN

FREAKY FRIDAYIt occurs to me that it might be easier to write every day if I have a series going or a daily guide for what a day might be about.

And since I want to write every single day, I humbly present.

The Daily Series

AKA The Weekly WiseCracks

AKA Holy Shit I’m Actually Going To Write Every Single Day of the Week WTF

AKA Just Read It Already

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Tackling Talker’s Block With a Sledge Hammer

seth-godin(A friend of mine will be so happy that I’m starting this post this way…) I was listening to a podcast the other day. Specifically, the Tim Ferris podcast featuring Seth Godin who talked about so many amazing things like how he makes honey vodka and his obsession with chocolate and that if you’d like to tackle writer’s block, write every day.

And I do.

Sort of. Mostly. On 750words.com.


I did.

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I would buy it.

6777694048_775ba01a70_o (1)I have thought about some books I’d like to write – in no particular order:

– project do: goal achievement because SCIENCE
social psychology research for goal achievement; applying it to a goal achievement method. invent or better define a method.

– play with stuff: getting started with Internet of Things
clear cut playing with IoT and toys from the 80s, but making projects that are applicable to other things

– control your house: cloud computing at the dinner table
figure out how to enter the contents of the fridge and pantry into a central database that records amount / expiration date and set up a scanner for ordering more automatically… possibly that compiles a list until you send a different signal to actually order. so it doesn’t order things a little bit at a time.

– writing something about getting started as a new coder. maybe as a new woman coder. getting started as a newb female coder. resources. speaking at conferences. learning and practicing. figuring out how you learn. how to do it in your copious spare time.

What would you like to read?

I’m thinking about writing a collaborative book…

bookshrm… or maybe i should just write a book on my own.

but something that i’m willing to write a whole hell of a lot about. and also speak a whole hell of a lot about. being a woman in tech. just another unicorn. a call to arms. a call to horns. the book i’m writing can just be an ebook, not published in physical form. but another part of me wants to go full on scientific study. something with lots of research and nerdism.

but about what.

about an experiment. an experiment that has to do with me.

how to be a nerd. how to be a unicorn. becoming a unicorn. how to build a unicorn. from scratch. build a unicorn from scratch. a home made unicorn. rainbows and shit.

blah blah blah i’m awesome. just ask me.


three nerds and a book. unicorn programming. the bookstores wouldn’t know how to file it.

feminism and the single unicorn. unicorn brainstorming. the eye of the unicorn.

yin yoga every night and other nightmares. the cat won’t get off my yoga blanket.

problem solving in the age of the unicorn. dragon’s unicorn. the year of the dragon’s unicorn.

the unicorn’s unicorn.

the effect of the unicorn guru on the field of STEM in the age of dragons: the discovery of a field organism in biomedical engineering. SCIENCE

what happens when i fart into a jar every day for a year. EPIC SCIENCE

coming up with an epic and thoughtful conclusion in the age of hourly epic and thoughtful blog / vlog posts and podcasts and information overload and all those other things that just add more words to the title so that you’re not really writing a title anymore, but the entire book summary in one line of stupid text and now you’ve just spent 2.99 for a bunch of blank pages cause SURPRISE this is actually just a lame ass journal

the end