Thank You Thank You Thank You

photo-1444212477490-ca407925329eThank you, colleague, for distracting me.

You asked if I was okay and I was honest, “I’m shite.”

You knew why.

You also knew talking about happy things would help.

So you did.

And it did.

Thank you.


Thank you, old friend, for sending a private message assuring me that it gets better.

With time.

For commiserating that it sucks that people can relate to these experiences.

That I can relate. That you can relate.

For telling me I’m not alone.

That you’re with me.

Thank you.


Thank you, boss, for acknowledging that some things are still difficult and gently nudging me forward anyway.

With your support and understanding, I can break things down into bite sized tasks and get things done.

Like expense reports.

Stupid expense reports.

Keep nudging me, please.

Thank you.

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