The Devil’s In the Details

BlahBlahNot only am I attempting to write every day on this lovely little piece of heaven, but I’m also quite active on facebook and twitter and google+ and linkedin.

Each social media outlet has a specific goal for me, from professional networking via linked in to personal rants via facebook. And everything in between.

And then there’s this:

I have been thinking about vlogs and podcasts for a few months now, figuring out if I want to experiment with either or both of these medias, and I’m in the brainstorming process RIGHT NOW. Part of the experiment to write every day is to see if I could handle doing *anything* on a daily basis.

Besides brush my teeth.

(Who am I kidding – I don’t even shower every day.)



If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over in a corner brainstorming the content / outline / delivery of theoretical videos and / or podcasts and contemplating the merits of daily hygiene.

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