The Officially Official Big News Is!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twenty Four]

We’re definitely moving back to the States.

We don’t know timing yet.

Or location.

But it’s no longer a question of IF but a question of WHEN and WHERE.


This is incredible news for some and devastating news for others and simultaneously exciting and terrifying all in one beautiful chaotic package.

Oh, yes, and this is also why I’m solo parenting this week because my partner is officially off to the States to Figure Things Out which, actually, there is a chance it could all fall apart and we stay in the Netherlands and that’s oke, too, but at this point, yes, the chances of us moving back to the States is solidly at 95%.


But first the news:

To be honest, I’m more concerned about making it through the next six days on my own than I am about prepping the house to sell, prepping the car to sell, selling all our electronics, giving away / donating / throwing away most of our STUFF, prepping the kids for the move, closing accounts, transferring money, getting the cat a passport, packing the rest of our stuff, flying to the States with the entire family, tons of luggage, and a very sad old cat, staying in a hotel, renting an apartment or a house or buying a house, enrolling First Minion in school, enrolling the twins in pre-school, working at the new job, getting utilities set up, buying all new electronics, buying TWO cars cause #AmericaFuckYeah, and furnishing an entire new place.

If you get my point.

Wish me luck?

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