This Is The Weirdest Walk Down Memory Lane EVAR

what is even happening right now.

we’re having twins.



also i totally replied to an email:

You just HAPPEN to write when our family has the biggest news EVAR, hrm? There must be a psychic connection. Or you’ve hacked my web cams. Obviously both.

So we found out today that we’re having TWINS.

Here’s the oddity.

The doctors told me that I couldn’t have kids. That our firstborn was a miracle baby. So finding out we were pregnant was AMAZING.

And today we had our first sonogram and there aren’t just one, but TWO.

It’s only eleven weeks, but HOLY FUCK.

So I’m freaked. And overjoyed. And ecstatic. And terrified.

It also explains why the nausea has been so intense. No big deal.

I’m pleased to hear things are going well for you, too. Nothing remarkable also means nothing bad is happening – which is a plus. I hope the trend maintains with beautiful bursts of joy. <-- this might be the pregnancy hormones getting all poetic n shit. r.

i’m telling everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE that i’m preggers with twins.

i mean, everyone i see in person.

not necessarily online.

not yet.

i’m keeping this shit to myself.

for now.


what is even happening today i don’t even know.

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