This Is What I’m Working On At Home

Cause I know you’re super curious and want to know what kind of coding I’m doing these days, I’m up to exercise thirty six in Learn Python The Hard Way where you build a Zork Adventures type game and I pretty much just copied exercise thirty five but changed some key bits.


mac:review-lpthw krpl$ python
You are in a dark room.
There is a door to your right and left.
Which one do you take?
> left
There is a monster here.
The monster is depression.
Depression is in front of another door.
How are you going to defeat depression?
> taunt depression
You have defeated depression. For now. Run through the door.
> taunt depression
You’re stupid. Good job!

It’s been a rough couple of hours.

I’ll be okay.

I’m taunting depression.

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