Totally Flying Back To Amsterdam RIGHT NOW (yes, again)

alexander skarsgard nude true bloodwe would’ve gone to trapped! escape room at noon, then most likely signed up for another room IF walk ins were allowed, but when we showed up at noon to try to walk in, they were closed because no one had signed up for that slot.

the next slot that was open without anyone else signed up wasn’t until six and if we wanted a promo code, we needed to find one via facebook or another social media venue.

we hunt down a starbucks because i am the only one of us who has facebook and i require internet to get online (no bandwidth packages for me!) so i nabbed my favorite HOT (forgetting that we’re in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) cafe mocha, we sit outside and I DIE OF HEATSTROKE.

except not literally, but seriously lots of sweating and regretting that i ordered a hot drink and glaring at all the smart people with lovely ice cold frappicinos walking out of the air conditioned door.

sure, we could’ve sat inside while i tracked down the promo code, BUT WHERE’S THE ADVENTURE IN THAT.


tracked down trapped!’s facebook page and grabbed the promo code (I’ll share it later, I promise). booked the six o’clock and started looking at ‘movies near me’ – discussed the pros and cons of our choices (x men apocalypse? j’s seen it. through the looking glass? thirty minutes away.) and settled on The Legend of Tarzan.

it was better than i thought it’d be. the typical damsel in distress aspect of it certainly was annoying as expected, but otherwise, there was plenty of eye candy ala Mr. Skarsgård.

gimme a moment to remember.

and i’m back.

no, one more minute.




where were we?

so then we went to dinner at an utterly forgettable cajun place in downtown pomono and then we went to TRAPPED! and while i won’t go into details about the puzzles within the puzzleroom i will say that it was the first time that i with i had more people with me and / or more time. the puzzles weren’t on the hard end of the spectrum, but there were a LOT of them and while some were easy, some were on the longer side for taking up time and THAT is why i wish there was more time. also, i was with two new people which was fine, but we could’ve used one or two more experienced players / puzzlers because it was laid out such that SOME the puzzles did NOT layer. as in, some of the puzzles could be tackled simultaneously. which would’ve made getting to the end that much faster.

and while my experience helped in some puzzles (oh, totally done THAT before – SOLVED), it didn’t make one whit of difference in others (I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT, DUH) – yes, we had to ask for hints, but could we have solved it in five more minutes? mmmm…. no, probably more like ten. i do NOT feel bad for remaining TRAPPED! and HIGHLY recommend this one to people who are local to Upland California.

the only recommendation i could make to them is that there was not one single cooperative puzzle. that is, given enough time / knowledge / experience, a single person COULD solve the entire room.

and, as always, that escape room in austin remains my super favoritest room ever cause it has the secret tunnel hidden inside a trunk. SO AWESOME.

as it is, we remained trapped in that room and would’ve totally done another one, except i had to go straight to bed cause of the insane travel day that is MONDAY. and so i must bid you adieu to pack and sleep and say good bye to california. parting is such sweet sorrow.


and P. I miss P as well.


i mean, i guess.

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  1. Hunk Tarzan swinging through trees, room-escape mode, family that cares with the whole renew-rest thing… Not to mention kickass conference performance & totally cool add-ons. AND the sweet family waiting. Nailing significance in life ain’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it!!

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