[trigger warning] And In Conclusion

openstackAs I mentioned yesterday, something happened.

It turns out that as soon as I filed the complaint yesterday, OpenStack Foundation reached out to the accused who immediately confirmed he was in the wrong and subsequently emailed me to let me know what happened and that he’d be in touch.

And he was. He agreed that it was offensive and he never meant to hurt or intimidate me and it would never happen again and he apologized.

And I accepted his apology.

I am so utterly in awe by how safe and secure and supported I felt through this entire experience and incredibly thankful to OpenStack Foundation for not only having a Code of Conduct, but for following through and enforcing it immediately clearly and without judgement.

And so humbled by the support and responses and amazingness of people’s responses to the previous post.

I hope that sexual harassment never happens to you.


If it does happen. To you or someone you know.

I hope that you can share my experience. And feel enabled to act.

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