Twinings English Breakfast Tea with Plenty of Almond Milk

teaAs I said earlier, I had the absolute pleasure to listen to Lars Sudmann discuss leadership at the Division C Spring Conference 2016 and he deep dove on three tools to be a great leader.

You can read my notes on the aforementioned post, but I’m going to respond / reflect on these in particular:

“#1 VISION forming and spending a lot of time on your vision (a leader is someone who goes the way and shows the way) what does a good vision look like? paint a positive vision of the future. to show the way out. not to sugar coat things. but to show the way out. WHAT are we doing? WHY are we doing this? (HOW? leave this to the team)

Commander’s INTENT (in one sentence figure out what it is that we are doing) “the single most important thing that we must achieve for this task / project is…”

These are my notes, but what do they mean?


The first tool of great leadership is your VISION.

Spend a lot of time forming your vision and then walking the walk. Before you talk the talk. In that regard, I am simultaneously working on my vision and brand RIGHT NOW. This blog is all over the map, just like me, with a different focus each day, but an over arching element of issues that are relevant to my life.

And, I hope, yours.

That may mean, though, that I mess up frequently and confuse the audience, which is okay, as long as I take you on my journey with me and remain transparent. As long as I learn from my mistakes – which is way more likely because I’m documenting things as I go along.

But WHAT am I doing? And WHY am I doing it?

I am building a following. Because I would like to share my story. Because I have made mistakes and learned from them and I would like others to learn from them as well. Because I want you to know that you are not alone. Because I want to remind myself that I am not alone. Because that shit just got intense. But knowing you’re still here is strengthening. And I’m still here for you.


And this isn’t an easy path forward. Knowing that I have a trauma that I experienced, that I want to share with you, that I have shared with dozens of doctors and lawyers and police, that I learned so much and have become so much stronger, that it’s LOOMING AHEAD, knowing that it’s a final hurdle as I write about all these other, seemingly unrelated things, but I promise it’s all related.

The path forward is to continue to write, continue to network, continue to talk my talk and walk my walk.

Continue to lead.

Because once I have shared my experience, I hope you’ll share your experience, too. So that we can heal and grow and pull each other up and pay it forward and make the world a better place.

Because the single most important thing that we must achieve is to build a community of #FierceWomen and #DancingEngineers.

Because it’s about damn time.

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  1. Yes, everyone is healing part of themselves on a continuing basis, otherwise we’d be experiencing entropy at a greatly increased rate. So, the topic is universally appropriate. Sharing trauma is that ultimately healing thing which feels to the heart/head at first like a wrenching new sorrow. For that reason, of course, readiness and kindness to self has priority. Keeping all of you in thoughts and prayers, all the time.

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