UNLOCK! The Night of the Boogeymen #LiveStream

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty Two]

Holy hell, I’m up past my bedtime, my throat hurts from talking for TWO AND A HALF HOURS non-stop, and I was standing that whole time, too.

I have no idea how coherent this one’s gonna be.

But first the news:

Special extra awesome shout out to my bestie from the mid-westie who stayed on the stream the entire time, adding comments and ANSWERING CLUES in real time.

Hi, H!

And another shout out to a second Twitch follower who joined the stream at the end for a few minutes of chats and then a follower from Twitter (?!) who joined from Russia right as I was signing out and as much as I wanted to stay on and chat it up, I was EX. HAUS. TED.


I *am* EX. HAUS. TED.

There was a bit of technical difficulty at the beginning of this one because of a mic and TWO open tabs to stream lab so I could use my laptop AND the external webcam which just tells me I need to bring in my other laptop and… also… the filming from above thing. I need to figure that out. And … and …

and …

It’s obviously time for bed.



So at one point I got stuck – I really should say, H and I got stuck – and WE couldn’t figure out next steps and I even went online and grabbed the hints and… the hints were out of order. Which SUCKS. And means that I’m really tempted to do this game again TOMORROW. Cause I hate Not Knowing ™.


But for now?

Totally finishing this post and going to BED!

G’night, Warriors. I hope you’re escaping from all the rooms you wish to escape from and staying safe and warm in the ones you wish to remain.

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