Week Five :: 08 sep :: Dessert and Coffee Celebration and Debriefing

photo-1447523264591-68112eb55c23there are so many things i could write about today.

1. i’m feeling so much better.

and that all by itself is a good thing. so much better, in fact, (or maybe because?) that i went to try to trade in my american drivers’ license for a dutch one which is something you can only do if you (OR YOUR SPOUSE) have the thirty percent rule. we didn’t find out that spouse clause until i got my own ruling which clearly stated, in english, that my spouse is qualified as well, which landed the partner a right solid dutch scolding from yours truly who could’ve nabbed a dutch drivers license under his thirty percent rule received FIVE YEARS AGO. i only recently (a year ago) nabbed my own ruling, but all’s well that ends well, right?so i tried to go today (there’s SO MUCH PAPERWORK involved, like all government things) and i was still missing a piece (passport photo) and an appointment or you can go without an appointment tuesday through friday afternoon. as today was monday, i was shit out of luck. so i went to get a passport photo and make an appointment. in reality, i’m just going to show up tomorrow afternoon. for my lunch.

cause that’s one hell of productive lunch.


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2. i’m working on a speech intensive for a mentee.

first of all, i hate that term, “mentee”. partially cause it’s not a term (is it?!?) and also cause it sounds like i’m saying she’s mental. i’m working on a speech intensive for someone i’m mentoring in toastmasters groningen. we’re treating her upcoming speech project as if she were speaking for TEDxWhatever and are going to meet once a week until she speaks. starting tomorrow. and i haven’t put together the intensive. since she’s speaking at the 07 september meeting and it’s project number seven, Research Your Topic, we’ll meet three to five times. also, i’m thinking homework might be in order as well. but! as i sat down to write this up, i thought, yes, but this would be so much more interesting to hear her input. and so i’m going to put it together tomorrow when we meet. as our first meeting. but as an outline, it’ll be something like (yes, i know we meet on a tuesday the first week and a thursday the rest of the weeks, shoosh)

week one :: 09 aug :: pick the topic, flesh out the schedule, review the project
week two :: 18 aug :: vignette speaking and movement (spacial, gestures, body)
week three :: 25 aug :: review and put it all together
week four :: 01 sep :: rehearsal

so what is vignette speaking? i’m so glad you asked.

it’s where you sketch out your intro / middle / end, but don’t write out every detail. usually works best for short speeches, but as you get more experienced, you can do it for longer periods / speeches. it’s a combination of extemporaneous speaking (table topics) and writing out every detail / over preparation and it’s what i do for most of my speeches.

and for movement, we’re going to do a few improvisation exercises. using only space. using space plus time. using space plus time plus facings. using space plus time plus facings plus gestures. keeping it all within the realm of pedestrian movement with an eye for the house (the audience). note to self: clear out the middle room for a larger ‘space’.

3. this weekend was ROUGH, but maybe that’s okay, because sometimes you have to hide under a rock and sleep a lot more in order to come back out from under the rock and sleep normally again.

cause last night was ALMOST NORMAL. in the sense that i don’t actually remember a nightmare. or waking up in the night. and when the alarm went off at six, i was awake enough that i could’ve gotten out of bed and had a really productive morning. and then i thought, ala pitch perfect’s fat amy, “mmm, better not…” and slept until the usual seven thirty.

but who knows what’ll happen tomorrow morning?


if i have another night of no nightmares, i might just float right off my pillow into my day…

…and …be


well, i can dream, can’t i?

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