What Do You Have To Be Stressed About, Rain?

Today felt like first trimester nausea awesomeness, if you know what I mean.

Part of me wanted to blame the fast food overdose of yesterday, but that didn’t really resonate.

Then P asked me, “Are you stressed?”

Oh, YES.

A little bit.

  • Our Groningen house goes live on funda.nl this week, officially going on the market. Even though we’ve had to buyers come look, this was pre-funda; therefore, “it didn’t count”. We were allowed to have messes. To not quite be staged. To have dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Once we’re live, everything has to be perfect. Constantly. Also, it’s the first time we’re selling a house in the Netherlands.
  • We close on the Haren house on Friday. Finances are in order. Documentation is in order. Also, it’s the SECOND time we’re buying a house in the Netherlands.
  • A few final things arrived in the mail and I thought it made me logistically ready for the twins to arrive. Not READY ready, but logistically. And while that soaked in and started to soothe and have it’s own affect, I realized, no, I still need to buy one more thing. But, still, it made the twins more REAL. More ON THE WAY. As if they were ephemeral or abstract before and they’re holy fuck ON the FUCKING WAY.

Just a little bit of stress.

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