Women Tech Leaders on the Gender Gap and How to Fix It

As I watched this video, I was inspired. There are so many statements that resonate with my own thinking / situation / environment as well as past experiences.

“I never noticed it…”

“For a long time I really did not want to participate in the women in technology conversation.”

“Oh, word, I should be scared?”

Videos like this inspire me to keep fighting, to keep pushing, to keep calling myself feminist.

#YESSS #MeToo #TimesUp


Then I read the comments.

“So tired of this garbage.”

“At the risk of sounding sexist here, women are generally more group oriented than men and will flock to places with more women. They are also more afraid of hard sciences and image affects them to a greater extent(for whatever reasons).”

“…how do you know that women want to work in the computer industry?”

And I’m so tired. So very very tired.

This is why so many people are ASLEEP. Because it’s easier to sleep then to stay awake, to keep fighting and struggling and pushing and climbing.

Never read the comments.

Unless you’re ready to fight.

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