Yay For New Eyeshadow?

In the Netherlands you can buy contacts without an eye exam. They’re not behind the counter like in America.

Which is awesome.

But that also means that you can go YEARS without an exam.

Which is not so awesome.

I have slight divergent strabismus.

It’s… not serious yet. It just started happening this Wednesday.


That don’t stop.

That don’t go away with medicine.

That only exist when my eyes are open, during the day.

The eye exam dude said to go make an appointment with my GP tomorrow. And wrote out the recommendation for a specialist in his office. And told me if the headaches get worse or if I start to see double regularly, to come back to him and he could give me special temporary glasses.

I’d like to say that I took it all in stride and didn’t start crying next door in the Kruidvat

But I totally did.

The part that got to me was that the dude was so… urgent.

Almost… panic’d.

Very un-Dutch.

So I totally bought eyeshadow.

Cause when you’re worried about your eyes, you should totally glam up those puppies.

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2 Replies to “Yay For New Eyeshadow?”

  1. Totally right!! Mine did that a few years, then quit. Check it out, you’re so up to this. And keep up with those fun distractions, as needed!!

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