“So Tell Me About Yourself, Rain”

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Seventy Two]

Within my CV you may have noticed that I have an undergrad in Dance and a Master’s in IT which is very much who I am.

I was a professional dancer in the United States and if you’re a professional dancer in the United States, you need to have one or two or three OTHER jobs in order to pay the rent and bills and survive, which is sad, but neither here nor there.

I taught myself to code, HTML, CSS, and javascript and would barter for services I needed to perform – rehearsal spaces, performance venues, lighting services – I build you a website, you give me what I need.

It never occurred to me to do that for actual money.

Instead I was a receptionist, a waitress, a data entry specialist, a temp and while that’s great for some people, I was miserable.

I was working as a receptionist at a tech company when 9/11 happened and we watched live as the plane flew into the second building and my brain helpfully asked, “What if you were a receptionist at the top of that building right this second?”

I quit my job immediately, went back to school and grabbed a Master of IT.

My first tech job was Windows thin client support and I was in heaven.

I got to dance AND code.

I got my cake and ate it, too.

My plan with dance was to get a BFA, dance professionally, get an MFA, join Academics, tra la la.

During my MFA dance program, my assistantship was the webmaster for the University.

I loved my assistantship. And hated dance.

Soon after, I joined Red Hat and here’s how I got to DevRel.

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Hacktoberfest Unboxing!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Forty One]

Tomorrow morning!
0930 GMT+1 Central European Time!
On YouTube and Twitch and Twitter and Facebook!

I’mma unbox my Hacktoberfest thank you package !! !

But first the news:

Except it’s not a box. It was a bag.
And I already opened it. But I’ll show you what was inside.


Also, it’s twenty four days until we hit the one year mark for lockdown action here in the Netherlands – what are we going to do to celebrate?

Still be locked down.

And cake.

There will probably be cake.

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And This Is Black Friday

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Three]

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of the United States Christmas shopping season since 1952.

And, yeah, it’s even here in the Netherlands.

But first the news:

Of course, because of online shopping and, well, marketing, the single sales day has become a week or more.


Here in the Netherlands, it’s kind of considered Not Cool to put up your Xmas tree before SinterKlaas but in America, the tree goes up today (or yesterday if you used it as an activity to entertain the family before / after Thanksgiving foodness).

And since I’ve already seen a few pictures of friends / family putting up their trees, I totally want to go shopping this weekend for The Tree.

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Absolutely and Utterly Exhausted

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty Six]

Today I streamed and it went really well.

Even better than expected.

But then, well, I met with my life coach.

And she asked how I was doing.

And I admitted that my father’s mother died.

But first the news:

My mother’s mother died last year. I was closer to her – I named my daughter after her. When I found out she was in hospice, I grabbed my daughter and flew to her bedside to say good bye.

Not this time.

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Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixteen

[Let Them Eat Cake]

I’ve got all kinds of delicious goodies for you today, Warriors.

Office pics? YUP!

Cloud cakes? Oh YEAH!

But first the news:

Today was the #HybridCloudBakeOff care of the #DevRel group at Packet Host.

And it was DELICIOUS!! !

Want to see my contributions?

And, sure, my office, too.

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