It’s Not Always The Most Productive

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty]

Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

I’m getting back into the groove of getting up at five in the morning which basically means that I’m staying awake when Boy Twin wakes me up at four in the morning because he’s leaked through.

I oh so totally CANNOT wait for him to let go of that three bottles of milk at night habit.

Yes, I know it’s up to me to wean him.

It’s hard.

I have other priorities, damnit.

You know we just moved from across the pond, right?



Normally when I wake up in the morning, it’s this whirlwind of productivity – catching up on email, yoga and strength training and a long walk, studying Swedish and Japanese and Dutch, meditation, morning pages and a couple of cups of tea.

Sometimes I catch up on my shopping.

And nothing else.

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Dear Future Self

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Fifty Eight]


You just signed up for a ONE YEAR gym membership in America that costs SIX TIMES MORE each month than your gym membership in the Netherlands.




This will either mean incredible motivation to get your happy butt to the gym each day – even if it’s just to do thirty minutes of cardio – or overwhelm you to never go again and finally cancel after a year.

Which, FYI, is 28 September 2022.

Probably a combination of both, depending on your mental health and stress levels.

But, listen, let’s try to tip that more towards the motivation than the debilitating guilt, eh?

We can do this.

Trust me.

Present Self

Sometimes You Get Stung Five Times

[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Fifty Five]

Sometimes your day is boring – you sleep all day and watch it fly by from your bed.

Sometimes your day is interesting – you get so much done and the things you ordered you arrived and you set up your office some more.

And sometimes your day is something in between – you sleep in a bit, things arrive but you don’t set them up, and you go for a long walk in the local park only for a small wasp to fall into your shirt collar and sting you five times before it flies free.

Glad I’m not allergic, eh?

Still hurt like hell.


[Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Fourteen]

By the incredible Electric Light Orchestra.