Escape Room: Davy Jones’ Locker

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Eight]

I did the second! Ever! Escape! Room! Stream! From AMERICA! Tonight!

I’m just as excited as you are.


A 90 min escape room in a box. This is an interactive box with various puzzles, which have to be solved one after the other to open the box.

In other words, this is an Escape Room in a handy format!

There is nothing based on randomness, but only on logical decisions.

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Escape Room: Schrödingers Cat

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty One]

I seriously can’t believe this but this is my first escape room stream in America. And I haven’t done an escape room / game night in months.

And First Minion totally crashed.

And if you listen not that carefully at all, you can totally hear all three minions screaming their bloody heads off before my mic decided to leave the building.

So I sound a bit like an ASMR video initially but then switch to the Bose headphones / mic cause Yeti Blue didn’t want to game.

Overall I’m super impressed with this game.

I admit I have quite a bit of bias for physical games and I absolutely cannot wait to get back into actual rooms, so this was definitely closer to an actual escape room.

And I’m totally buying all the rest of their games.

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Escape Room: Escape Tales The Awakening Part II

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twenty Three]

And here’s Part II!! !

Where we totally don’t finish the game.

But I think we got the hang of it.

And DanPopNYC totally dropped by and was totally amazed.

Also, at the end of the video, I dropped the officially official big news.

So if you wanna find out first, watch the video.

Ultimately, I’m super impressed with this brand, Escape Tales; while the stories are fairly predictable, the game play is pretty tight. The only thing is that they’re LONG. We played this one for THREE! And a HALF! HOURS!

And didn’t finish.

So it’s definitely not my normal Saturday night regular thing, but I’m ordering a few more of their games for group play and / or a longer escape room special occasion.

Escape Room Streams!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twenty Two]

Yeah, that’s right.


I didn’t escape room stream for weeks and weeks then I played the same game two nights in a row.

Here’s part one.

This is a new brand, Escape Tales, which is a “Story Driven Escape Game”.

“an escape room style card game where you’re not limited by time in order to finish the adventure. The game focuses on the story and your exploration of it, all while engaging you with the puzzles within and making your choices deeply immersive”

It took a minute to catch the patterns, but once we got it, we were off.

Take a gander.

Part II is tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day Eve!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Fifteen]

Also known as one of two solid reasons why May is MY month.

FYI – May is mine.

The other reason is that it’s my birthday month.

FYI – it’s my birthday month.

But first the news:

Yesterday’s bacon lorem ipsum experiment post was care of scripts, APIs, and a bit of manual writing. I don’t think it’s interesting enough to make a daily thing of, but it’s always nice to test things.

To play.

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